Keeping an Eye Out for Internet TV Software Scams

Like everything else over the Internet that generates a major interest, there also seems to be scam remarks that crop up amongst the ranks of Internet tv software, even a top software service like Stream Direct. But as prevalent as these scams are today and the interest in choosing a paid service to join up with, the first step is to keep your eyes peeled for any tell tale signs.

Keep in mind however that when doing research on these products/services and coming across something that might reflect a scam, be sure to notice the date of the complaint.

The point is when something is posted one year ago or more there’s a possibility the issue might have been resolved by the service, or the person making the complaint didn’t update the scam report once the issue was resolved.

On the other hand, there could be something that does represent a scam which is quite possible with some of the vendors and sellers online, including product reviews and advertisements that may have misled the reader.

Keep in mind that while there are many free and paid-to-download Internet TV software services on the market, many of them aren’t worth the time and money.

Quite frankly, people that go after s free service (a.k.a. TV Player) are usually the ones who are low on cash, don’t trust a paid service, or find it difficult to pay someone when many of these channels are freely available online – you just need to search to find them on your own.

The difference between the two (free and paid services) is that paid-to-download software offers more value, best of Web TV entertainment, support, and other perks. Users tend to receive a larger number of channels with higher quality along those lines.

But don’t overlook the fact that scams only parade around paid Internet TV software. One consistent type of scam that has been surfacing as of late supposedly consist of ’free’ services that end up trying to get money out of consumers!

Generally speaking, this type of scam usually involves ‘free’ PC Satellite TV services (or whatever name applies) claiming to offer tons of live and on-demand channels totally fee. As a result, when people began to join up with the service, they found out later that they couldn’t access most of the channels — thus a PC TV software scam is reported.

But the same can be said with some of the paid versions that are not of the top brands. On the other hand, service like Stream Direct seems to strive to be the best by keeping customers happy.

Getting back to ‘free’ services — Sometimes people are informed they will receive 100s or 1000s of free channels but only received 10 free channels instead, while the vast majority of channels required a $2 payment per channel each and every month. Ironically, this is an exorbitant amount!

But that’s not all… Another type of scam is the tendency to pose as a paid Internet TV software services, but what happens here is customers that register and pay a fee find out later that these services are no different in their offerings as many of the ’free’ versions out there.

Unfortunately, when new users make this discovery it’s too late whereas complaints just seem to fall on deaf ears.

In the pass, it wasn’t often that scammers got caught and the chance of users getting their money back was slim. But nowadays, there is a brighter side that involves the FTC (Federal Trade Commission). They are now regulating advertisers on/offline to prevent unscrupulous and fraudulent advertising – consumers now have a watchdog.

One way to beat scammers in the Internet TV industry is to never fall victim to hype or traps in the first place. But that’s neither here or there as some people get caught up in the excitement of buying, rather than doing their due diligence to research further.

Before signing up to any service including the best out there, the smart thing to do is check the reputation of the people behind it. Although good reviews in this particular industry can be hard to come by, try to find the a good review written by an actual user and tester.

Simply do your homework and with the knowledge gained from a real product review spotting a scam will come easy when researching these products/services.

Just because a top paid software (TV player) doesn’t perform well, if at all, on a computer as promised, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a scam. Sometimes these proprietary TV players fail to work correctly on computers that are said to compatible – due to issues that rarely occur.

The end result is when researching these paid services more knowledge is gained and will help prevent falling victim to a scam.

It’s always good to be knowledgeable of the Internet TV software service, even more so before making a purchase online. By all means send an email to ask the vendor questions before dishing out any money, if anything just to see when and how he responds. Keep these pointers in mind when pursuing one of these services to avoid any over-hyped content and false advertisements that could take you down a road you don’t want to go.